Rejuvenation Bath Soaks

Rejuvenation baths are different than just taking a regular bath.  A rejuvenating bath is purposeful with the intention of cleansing the spiritual body and mind.  Spiritual, herbal and rejuvenating baths have been used in many cultures as a means to cleans the mind, body and soul clearing away negative blockages, old hurts, and stress, that inhibit our ability to function at our optimal best.


Many times we feel sluggish, run down, unable to focus and moody.  We don’t even realize how much your spirit collects emotional and mental debris.  In recognizing something is just not right, this may be a good indication that it’s time for a spiritual bath. 



Water is a powerful conduit because it’s alive and holds memory.  This is very important because you are able to set intentions in the water and immerse yourself in your intention for a period of time.  Your bath experience is turned into a live powerful manifestation experience soaking in the vibrational energy of your words!


Ultimately, the end result of a rejuvination bath is you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, have clarity of might and a zeal for creativity.  Think of how much happier you would be with a peace of mind, refreshed and ready to enjoy life.