A catalyst for transformation

About the Founder 

Hi! I am Minerva Hodgers, founder of Image-In Wellness. A mother, sister, daughter, niece, grandmother, and friend, all simultaneously while keeping a smile on my face.  Not really.  I often navigated through life while maintaining this tough exterior because I was the glue that held my family together.   When the kids are going nuts, and you’re being pulled in every direction due to the demands of everyday life, I often just held it all inside, when I really wanted to scream. 

Well 21 years later, I am happier, more fulfilled, grown spiritually and yes I scream now.   I want every women to experience the transformation I went through using the same tools I used without having to go through 21 years searching.  Do I know everything? No But Guess what?  I know somethings that will start your transformation right now?

I have always had passion for changing women lives.  I use to hold faith based women workshops in my home, I was a mentor to at risk youth, a foster mother, a Sunday school teacher, certified life coaching, a reiki master teacher, a student, a young adult mentor and advocate or women empowerment all while hold down full time jobs working in social service sector with people with disabilities, the homeless, and those who are at a disadvantage economically.   Oh, forgot to mention I have a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, never thought I was going to use it to actually start my own business.  Money well spent!


Image-In Wellness was officially founder in 2018 in New York City.  It’s a small business with a big heart.  I wanted to have a platform to effect change in women’s lives, but offering tools on a metaphysical level for a dynamic life transformation.   There are so many great resources and talented people that have shape my life to where it is today that I wanted so do my part in giving back to women all over the world. 

Minerva Hodgers, Founder 

My Mission

My mission is to empower women with spiritual tools to live dynamically.  I do this by authentically inspiring, coaching, teaching and offering products to aid in transformation that can be tailored to unique situations.  I provide the fundamentals for achieving a transformed life.


To be the premier metaphysical resource for women of all ages to be empowered to have more control over their destiny.

How I Got Here 

This site is a compilation of years of experience which will inspire, encourage ultimately empower women to be transformed mentally, spiritual, and physically. 

My Rieki practice began with certification in 2012.  That has grown over the Years in which as part of a team of very talented women to offer Reiki to seniors at Senior Centers, and individuals at a therapeutic rehab center.  I have my own private practice that is unique in that I use Reiki, crystals and a far infared dome and mat for an overall healing experience. 

In December of 2018 Energetic Crystal Creation came   about because I wanted to give a handmade holiday gift to my friends.  Others saw them and wanted one so I started selling them. 

Soul Journey was launch in the hot heat July of 2019.  This is a young adult mentorship program where they can get help to navigate some of the challenges of life while being supported.

Women Spiritual Empowerment launched November 2019 with a focus on spiritual tools to transform lives.  I am very excited to be working with women using my experience to help them.

Most recently in late 2020 while we all were spending much time at home, I created a line of metaphysical products to uplift the lives of all.  

Are we there yet?  No this is a living thriving company always looking for way to do, give, and inspire, more. 

We are supposed to feel good all the time.  Allow me to assist you on your healing journey.

                                                                                                                                                    Image-In Wellness