Energetic Crystal Creations Gallery

Genuine Crystal Miniature Trees 

Energetic Crystal Creations are beautiful enhancements to your life with the use of genuine crystal stones.  A beautiful way to revitalize your energy, home or work space with calming, soothing, positive and protective energies.  A subtle way to receive the energetic properties of the healing crystals while enjoying an exquisite handmade creation. 



Completely customizable to your taste, desire, or occasion.  Energetic Crystal Creations are uniquely hand made from genuine healing crystals stones, copper, silver or gold plated wire.   Crystal trees measure 4 to 5 inches from base to top and 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Shadow boxes come in two size: 8 x 10 inches and 5 x 7 inches

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Green Aventurine 

Aventurine attracts prosperity and opportunities.  It helps to release old habits to be open for new opportunities and growth. 

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Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz balances, and restores harmony.  Helps to dissolve old hurts and open the heart to self-love, love in relationships.  Rose Quartz helps to trust in the benevolence of the Universe. Believed to bring about serenity, relaxation, acceptance, and contentment, as well to neutralize disorder or soften frustration.

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Aquamarine is a stone of compassion and tolerance.  Helps in overcoming negative aspects of your life and releases of emotional baggage.  Aquamarine fosters courage, releases anxiety and fear.   It enhances intellect and improves communication.

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Citrine opens the mind to new thought optimism.  Attracts abundance, mental focus, supports endurance and self –esteem, activates the imagination and will.  Helps to manifest dreams and desires.

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Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli  is a stone of deep wisdom and intuition.  Opens the third eye which leads to enlightenment.  Fosters truth, and harmony in relationships. 

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Red Coral 

Red Coral is a symbol of modesty, wisdom, happiness and immortality. It is known to reduce stress, fears, nervousness, depression, panic and nightmares.  Used to attract success, wealth and strengthens foresight.  Encourages motivation to pursue goals.  Aids in meditation, visualization and stimulates the imagination.  Physically it helps the bladder kidneys and strengthens the circulatory system.  

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Amethyst creates spiritual protection against negativity helps with meditation and intuition.  Aids in fighting addiction, helps with peaceful sleep and warding off nightmares.  Helps relieves depression sadness and anxiety.   


Orange Dyed Quart

Orange Dyed Quartz amplifies the joy and joy and creativity. Orange promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion, and warmth.

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Black tourmaline protects from negative energies, transmutes negative energies of all kinds (including thoughts) into positive energies.  Help strengthen the immune system, detoxifies the body, improves the metabolism, and relieves stress and anxiety.  It also shields from harmful electromagnetic radiation—from TVs, computers and mobile phones. 

Crystal Trees in Shadow boxes

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