Indigo Sage

Energetic Crystal Collection

Our Energetic Crystal Collection are beautiful enhancements to your life with the use of genuine crystal stones.  A beautiful way to revitalize your energy, home or work space with calming, soothing, positive and protective energies.  A subtle way to receive the energetic properties of the healing crystals while enjoying an exquisite handmade creation. Completely customizable to your taste, desire, or occasion.  Energetic Crystal Creations are uniquely made from genuine healing crystals stones, copper, silver or gold plated wire.   Crystal trees measure 4 to 5 inches from base to top and 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Shadow boxes come in two size: 8 x 10 inches and 5 x 7 inches



Energetic Bracelets 

Reiki infused genuine crystal gemstone bracelets. 

Crystal Trees 

Miniature crytal trees made with genuine crystals.   

Aura Mists

Crystal infused aura sprays.  Made with crystal elixir water, reiki infused and fragrance or essential oil.  

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