Reiki Healing Circle

We are Certified Reiki Masters, revitalizing our community with Reiki.

We are offering a way of enhancing your life!

It is our goal to change the way we think and feel about our health.

Experience wellbeing, rejuvenation and overall good health today.

Allow us to assist you on your journey to a better you!

Meet The Team

Minerva Hodgers,

Reiki Master Teacher

Beverly Thom,

Reiki Master Teacher


Group Reiki Healing Circles

  • Senior Groups

  • Girlfriends Rejuvenation Day

  • Couples Reiki

  • Reiki Day for Kids

  • Reiki Shares

  • Reiki Retreats and more

Individualized Healing Sessions

  • Personalized Experience

  • Distant Healing

  • Visits to Hospitals or Treatment Facilities

Contact one of our Certified Reiki Practitioners and start your  Healing Journey Today!

Tameeka Bacchus, LMT, RMT  (646) 379-0496

Beverly Thom, RMT  (646) 593-1235

Minerva Hodgers, RMT (917) 459-4547

Reiki works in conjunction with regular medical or psychological treatment. If one has a medical or psychological condition, it is recommended that one see a licensed health care professional in addition to receiving Reiki treatments. Reiki energy works in harmony with all other forms of healing, including drugs, surgery, psychological care or any other method of alternative care and will improve the results.