Reiki Practitioners

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Minerva Hodgers

In 2006, I became certified Life Coach,  initially, helping at risk teenagers who

were having a difficult time navigating through life.  Over time I expanded my

service to helping adults as well. 


In 2010 when I was introduced to Reiki and became a certified Reiki practitioner in 2012, through The International Center for Reiki Training in New York City.  That same year I also  I became a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna   Reiki  Master Teacher, in the Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage.  


I was so excited to finally find a modality that worked for me, I wanted to share Reiki with everyone.  I spent the next several years enjoying Reiki shares, volunteering in Reiki Clinics and working with private clients.  In early 2016, I collaborated with two wonderful and truly gifted Reiki sisters and continued sharing Reiki with the general community and Senior Citizens in a Senior Centers in the New York City area.   


Beverly Thom

Hello, my name is Beverly Thom I am a Certified Professional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher who has been practicing Reiki since 2014.

My passion stems from my deep desire to serve others and to live a life of perfect health, abundant prosperity, and complete and utter happiness. Where I can experience a delightful interesting and satisfying life of the most widely useful kind.

My philosophy is, “it is our birth right to be healthy, abundant, and successful.” That we have be given all the tools we need to create the life we want in great abundance and be able to share it with others. Some of us just need someone to point us in the right direction.  I truly believe that because of my own increased health, wealth, and happiness, I am helping others to live a delightful interesting and satisfying life of the most widely useful kind as well.


Tameeka Bachus

Having graduated from New York College of Health Professions with an AOS Degree in 2013, Tameeka Bacchus is a passionate and gifted License Massage Therapist who has gained years of experience in the field of Medical Massage.

She is certified in thorax, spine and pelvic therapy, nero muscle therapy of the neck, active isolation stretching of the upper and lower extremities, and Ma massage for prenatal massage technique.  She is also certified in Reiki level 1 & 2 and is a licensed aesthetician and cosmetologist. Tameeka prides herself on being compliant with State standards of practice and protocol.

While currently pursuing her education in the field of Acupuncture and Herbalism Tameeka’s passion is to bring beauty into wellness and education to the body from the inside out to all her clients.