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This program will help you navigate obstacles of life with confidence and resilience.  It will help you break down barriers and set goals to create the life you want.   

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  •  Souls Journey Young Adult Network is for young adults 18 to 29 who want to:

1. Be empowered to have more

    control of their lives

2. Gain confidence is making   

    future decision

3. Become more attuned to body,

     mind and spirit.

  • This network is for those who are ready to receive guidance and mentorship in navigating the stressors of live. 

  • Soul Journey is a program for young adults who are ready to set life goals

  • Soul Journey is  for young adults who are ready to advance in their career. 


This Network  Is Designed to Challenge You Create Your Best Life. 

Benefits to help you fast track your life:

  • Gain from wealth of years of knowledge and experience

  • Someone to stand with you in hard times

  • Help finding resources

  • Confidential safe environment to share your experiences

  • You design your course of action. 


What you get from this Support Network:

  • Weekly phone contact

  • Unlimited Email or text Support

  • Monthly meetings in person or face time. 

Group Bonding

Why Do You Need This Support Network? And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?

  • Now is the best time to work on alleviating stress, frustrations and challenges of life to be able to gain clarity about the path you want for your life.  Learn how to manage, family, the job, school and the social life without being overwhelmed and beat down by the day to day.  You can have it all and feel fulfilled. 


  • Now is the time to be in a safe space to learn, grow, and receive guidance unconditionally.  A judgment free zone where you come as you are.  Growth and transition are guided by your wants, needs and desires.  You have a safe space to mess up, fail, and get it wrong.  Experience is a life lesson and that you can overcome and be successful.


  • Now is the time to cultivate healthy relationships.  Learn to recognize toxic people and situations that may be hindering your development and attracting positive, nurturing, and uplifting people who like you for you. 

  • Now is the time to nourish a spiritual practice.  Get into tuned with a spiritual practice that is rewarding and brings you comfort.  Learn to listen to your God self and trust your inner guidance. 

  • Now is the time to build self confidence and self-esteem.   You are already beautiful, intelligent, trustworthy, capable, and a great person.  You have to believe it again.   Remember the best version of yourself is already inside of you.  

  • Now is the BEST time to learn the techniques to obtain abundance and prosperity in your life.  We are supposed to have wealth, optimal heathy, good relationships, a great career, peace of mind.   Learn how to attract everything you can IMAGINE and more. 

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Soul Journey
Young Adult Support Network
Launch Barbecue 
July 21, 2019  
Jamaica Queens